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Beti Utsav @ Darshan College
A Girl Child is a pride and future of the nation. Empowering your girl child means empowering your future. We are human beings, brought into this beautiful planet by a woman. The struggle of a girl child begins even before the day she is born. She is ‘lucky’ if she is allowed to be born. Even after birth, the girl child faces discrimination and oppression. With a view to create awareness about the scenario with all the young minds, Beti Utsav was celebrated on 25th of January 2021. The Resource Person Dr. Usha Mohan, Motivational Speaker and chief counselor, Senior Traffic Warden, Zonal in-charge, Upparpet Limits focused on these vital aspects: Trafficking, Sexual Abuse, Female Foeticide, Women Safety, Menstrual Cycle and Hygiene. Give the girls wings to fly and not the pain to cry and die.

Marathon – a Run for Unity @ Darshan College
When you run the marathon you run against the distance, not against the other runners and not against the time – Heile Gebrselassie. The pride in finishing a Marathon is much greater than all the pain endured during the marathon. Department of Physical Education Darshan College organized a 5 Km Marathon – a Run for Unity. More than 200 participants took part in the event. Faculty, Students and even volunteers from the general public enthusiastically participated and reached the finish line with fulfillment. If you want to run, run a mile; if you want to experience a different life run a Marathon. Finishing a Marathon is a state of mind that says anything is possible.

NOVATO FIESTA @ Darshan College
‘There is a miracle in every new beginning’- Hermann Hesse. With realistic dreams for the future, filled with the spirit to realize them, the Freshers began this academic year. The Freshers’ Day celebration was held at our institution on 9th March 2021, with extravaganza to make the Freshers feel at home. It was an explosion of talent, showcasing the performances by the senior and super senior students. Rev. Fr. Robin Victor D Souza, Executive Secretary, Capuchin Executive Board, was the Chief Guest for the Occasion. He appreciated the efforts of the management and the faculty in building this Institution into a vibrant and lively one by providing a platform for numerous activities and urged the students to make full use of them. He also advised the students to be focused, hard-working and have perseverance. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

“Life is the most difficult exam. Many people fail because they try to copy others; Not realizing that everyone has a different question paper.” In order to shine in this competitive era, only the classroom education cannot contribute to the success of the students, but various certification courses and seminars are much needed for the overall development of the students. In this regard, IQAC and Placement Cell of Darshan College had organized a seminar on value added courses on 18/01/2021 presided by Mr. Anil Kumar, HR Expert. Technology and transformation plays a vital role in today’s current scenario. In order to imbibe technology within us, the first step is awareness and the second step is acceptance. In this regard, an opportunity was given to Darshanites to be aware of the situation of employability in them pertaining to Banking, Advanced Excel, Digital Marketing, Coding, Python, etc.

Seminar on Tips for Attending Interview @ Darshan College
“The goal of education is understanding and the goal of training is performance.” Every single job is a challenge. We are walking into a new set, a new character, creating a World and trying to get comfortable to do our best work. With a view to provide key aspects to attend interviews, IQAC and Placement cell of Darshan College had organized a seminar on Tips for attending interview on 18/01/2021. Aspects such as Dressing Etiquette, Body Language, Way of Answering, Self Introduction, Resume Preparation and other related mannerisms were trained to the students in the seminar. In-charge Professor Mr. Mohammed Tazeer laid down the tips and tricks for the students to face their first interview.

Having been nestled in the cosiness of their homes for nearly ten months, the wide smiles and cheerful whispers said it all. Bidding goodbye to online classes, the students of Grade 6-8 released colourful balloons into the air, as they kick started their journey back to school. As the curtains were drawn by our Principal Rev. Fr. Anil D’Costa, along with our Vice Principal Rev. Fr. Ravi Serrao, Academic Co-ordinators and teachers; students walked into the school portals under a continuous shower of aromatic petals. Students were also gifted stationary reminding them that, from today, it’s a new dawn towards a fruitful future. Beautiful diyas were also lit dispelling the darkness that had loomed all these months. Prayer is not only our physical sustenance but also our spiritual guide. The chimes of voices resonated with the prayer song ‘As the deer pants for water’. Ms Jayanthi, Assistant Academic Co-ordinator welcomed the students on behalf of all present.

“Toughness is in the soul and spirit, not in muscles”. On 18th January 2021, the wait was finally over for the Grade 9 students of our school. Along with our Principal Rev. Fr. Anil D’Costa, Vice Principal Fr. Ravi Serrao, Co-ordinators and teachers, miniature corona viruses were nipped at the bud as the ceremonial ribbon was cut, and a shower of fragrant petals filled the air. Each student was presented with a packet of vegetable seeds, reminding them that they are the ambassadors of the future generations to come. God’s blessings were invoked as all prayerfully sang ‘Bind us together’ . Ms Magdaliena Lewis, Academic Co-ordinator welcomed the students after which our Vice-Principal Rev. Fr. Ravi Rajesh Serrao addressed the students. The students also had a counselling session with Ms Veronica, the school counsellor. Fun and engaging games were conducted to assist the students holistically rejuvenate themselves. After a short break, regular classes resumed for the students, with all Covid-19 guidelines and regulations in place.

“Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable willing spirit”. Education in 2020 nose-dived to an uncertain oblivion as the world was clouded by a silent virus, that no one saw coming. Despite these adversities, education took the virtual route to ensure that the students are kept abreast of their studies. Re-opening of schools was a continuous dilemma, ever since the doors opened after the lockdown.Ten months later, with joyous hearts, Trinity Central school opened their portals to the Grade 10 students. After a long hiatus, our students were back, ecstatic and rejuvenated. After the preliminary temperature check and sanitization, students along with our Principal Rev.Fr.Anil D’Costa, Vice Principal Fr. Ravi Serrao, Administrators tore open the Corona monster marched forward to renewed beginnings, welcomed by a cloudburst of fragrant petals by the teachers.

Christmas Celebrations at Trinity Central School
‘It’s a time of joy, a time of peace, a time of giving. A time when we all come together as one’. Christmas is a celebration that is most anticipated by all irrespective of race or religion, caste or creed. At Trinity Central School, the celebrations were doubly jubilant as we received an amazing opportunity from Daijiworld TV Udupi, to present a Christmas programme – ‘Christhanjali’ on their prestigious channel. The Christmas programme, envisioned and performed by our teachers, commenced with a meaningful introductory message conveyed by our Principal, Rev. Fr. Anil D’Costa. The joy of Christmas rang out loud, as a medley of Christmas carols echoed across the skies. In her Christmas message, Ms Magdalena Lewis, Academic Co-ordinator expressed that Christmas, isn’t just about the cake, crib, lights and sweets.

A beautiful saying goes “ With the birth of every new child, there is a hope born that God is not angry with us”. Truly, our children are our pride and honour, as in every child we see the future of a better tomorrow. November 14th, a day synonymous with the chuckles of innocent laughter and joyous mood; for, this is the day when we celebrate childhood, dedicated in honour, and on the birth anniversary of our first Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. Though COVID has played spoilsport to the celebrations which was usually held at school, we at Trinity Central School did not let the green monster, subdue the vibrancy of this day. The festivities in its virtuality (virtual-reality), commenced with a flashback of the memorable event that was held in the last academic year, i.e 14.11.2019.

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Motto :
The Motto of Capuchin Education Board (CEB) is: jnanenaiva vimukthi: "Indeed, Liberation is through enlightenment". As the temporal, mundane existence is characterized by the experience of bondage (samsara), ignorance (avidya) and pain (duhkha), the eminent sages and prophets have propagated means to alleviate oneself from the above negative experiences of human existence, and fill life with hope and joy. The fullness of existence is characterized by Liberation which could be attained through true knowledge, which we name it ‘an experience of enlightenment’.

Mission :
The Capuchin Education Board takes upon the responsibility of facilitating growth in human personality of pupils and make their life meaningful and hopeful. The mission of CEB is to promote fullness of life in every child through holistic formation and education towards excellence.

The Function of Capuchin Education Board:
The Capuchin Education Board functions under the supervision of Provincial Minister and his Council. The Education ministry of the Province is a teamwork of all the friars involved in the ministry. The ministry constitutes one vision, one mission, which is all round development of the person, through value based and person-oriented education which leads to transformation and excellence. While providing excellence in education the Capuchins insist on “discipline, determination and dedication”. In pursuit of quality education every student is called upon to respond through conviction and commitment so that the imparted knowledge, skills and values enable them to become good human persons and good citizens of India, socially responsible, productive, creative and innovative.


Governing Body

Rev. Fr. Alwyn Dais

Rev. Fr. Victor D’souza
Executive Secretary

Rev. Fr. Vijesh Loyed Menezes

Rev. Fr. Deepak Fernandes

Rev. Fr. Peter Cyprian D’souza

Rev. Fr. Paul Melwyn D’souza

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