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SMBHRAMA 2019 : Infant Jesus School
School annual day was celebrated with splendid gaiety and fervor under the banner SAMBHRAMA 2019. Rev Fr Paul Melwyn D’Souza Vicar Provincial Holy Trinity Province Karnataka presided over the program. Addressing the gathering he asked the parents to encourage their children according to their talents. Representing the CT Ravi Minister of tourism Govt of Karnataka his wife Mrs. Pallavi Ravi gave guideline about parenting. Mr Raghu Gowda N.B HaVALDHAR Indian Aramy intited the students to inculcate the spirit if patriotism in the beginning stage of life itself. ICSE and SSLC Topers of 2018-19 were facilitated. Mr Michael Baptist Waterjet Engineers sponsored the scholarship for the toppers. Students put up a colorful cultural event which won the hearts of all.

CUBS AND BUL BULS UTSAV : Trinity Central School
A two day excursion cum talent utsav was held for Cubs and Bulbuls on 16th and 17th November at Anandathirtha Vidyalaya, Kunjarugiri. The Cubs and Bulbuls of Trinity Central were accompanied by the Animators Ms. Pavithra and Ms. Sushma. On both days, several competitions were held, that brought out the intently creative talents of our students. Competitions such as coconut leaf art, sand, gravel and stone art, mask making etc. were held. The cadets spent an eventful day by participating in various activities and later a fun filled relaxed evening with the campfire which the children enjoyed very much.

Annual Anthonian Athletic Meet @ St Anthony’s PU College
An athlete cannot run with money in his pockets. He must run with hope in his heart and dreams in his head. Sports and Athletics are one of the wonderful ways to instill qualities of determination, sincerity and discipline. With an intention to build good sportsmanship among students, St Anthony’s PU College organized inter-mural competitions in Volleyball, Kabaddi, Cricket, Kho-Kho for boys and Chess, Throw-ball, Kho-Kho and Kabaddi for girls. After enthusing the team spirit among students, a day was dedicated to explore and exhibit their athletic spirit in full fervour. Mr Dilip Kumar SU, National Swimming Coach (NIS) & Head Coach, Elite Aqua Centre was the Chief Guest and Mr Prathap N, National Wrestling, Judo Player & Coach was the Guest of Honour. The booming sound of the college band, the impressive parade and march-past by the students added beauty to the celebration. Students with aerated sportsmanship spirit along with zealous Lecturers participated in many events and the echo of the same resonated in the college campus. It’s hard to beat a person who never gives up.

EXPLORENA – A Techno-Cultural Fest @ Darshan College
"We are all different, which is great because we are all unique. Without diversity life would be very boring." The Cultural committee of Darshan college beautifully organized techno-cultural events in order to explore talents and boost confidence among fellow students and peers. EXPLORENA – A Techno-Cultural Fest comprising of a wide range of intra-college events were categorized in two phases- Off-Stage and On-Stage events viz., Best Accountant, Best Manager, Spell Bee, Spot Programming, Photography, Creative Writing, Painting, Pencil Sketch and Group Dance, Solo Singing, Product Launch, Mad Ads, Fashion Show, Short movie respectively. The group events included Cooking without fire, Collage, Treasure hunt, Rangoli, Mehendi, Nail art/Face painting.

Tickle Your Taste Buds : Infant Jesus School
Little infantines were introduced to the different taste that they come across. They were also made familiar with the English synonyms. Children were given the different etabels to tase and spell the taste. Children enjoyed the creative activity conducted by teaches and went home with new experience and excitement.

Annual prize distribution ceremony of our school (sneha jyothi vidyalaya) was observed on 22nd November 2019. The function was started at 9.30 am in the morning. The Headmaster presided over the function. It was a day of celebration for the students and teachers. In order to make this event successful, a lot of preparations were made by students and teachers. The successful students in various fields such as sports, education, cultural programs had to be honoured in the program. Headmaster, assistant headmaster and the teachers distributed the prizes to the winners of the respective fields. Headmaster delivered a very motivating speech. He advised all the students to work harder in life to get sure success. The champion trophy was won by Damiano house and the Runners up trophy was won by Greccio house. Students appreciated with loud cheers and joy. The function ended with School anthem.

Sneha jyothi vidyalaya sports day happened to be on 15th November. The chief guests of the day were Sr. Apoline (superior Anugraha Convernt), Sr. Martha (In charge Anugraha Hostel). The other dignitaries were Fr. Dominic, Headmaster and Fr. Sunil, asst. headmaster. The sports day took a start by welcoming the guests by Shrikanth sir. The students entered the spirit of the occasion in a grand way with the Olympic torch and oath being administered by the sports captain. Students from class 1 to 10th std. actively participated in the event. On the special occasion headmaster acknowledged everyone about the importance of sports. Various sports like Running, long jump, High jump, short put, javelin throw, and discus throw, relay, group games like valley ball, throw ball, hand ball, basketball, kabbadi, kho-kho, lagori and indoor games keram, chess etc. were also conducted. Eventually the event took a wind up when Headmaster presented his hearty vote of thanks.

Children’s day celebration in SJV Pothnal
Children’s day program was grandly put forth by staff members with the guidance of Headmaster. The chief guests were Rev. Fr. Thomas, parish priest St. Clare parish, Sr. Martha (Anugraha Boarding In charge). The program started with a grand welcome. Welcome speech was given by Miss. Shashikala. Class representatives from each class were honoured by their class teachers. The chief guest Fr. Thomas spoke a few words on the occasion. The program was followed by cultural activities, wishing song, a skit by Fr. Sunil and team and a dance by Miss. Shashikala and team. Sir. Devarayappa shared his thoughts on children’s day. At last vote of thanks was presented by the Headmaster. The day was followed by Special lunch sponsored by Management and staff.

“The children of today will make the India of tomorrow”. The Finesse of these words spoken by Shri Jawaharlal Nehru (lovingly known as Chacha Nehru), whose birthday is a celebration of the innocence, exuberance and purity of our children in India. On November 14th, the portals and corridors of Trinity Central School, reverberated with the shouts of joy, peals of laughter and the artistry of hundreds of smiles. The day’s festivities began with the school assembly, fore fronted by the teachers. Ms. Deepthi, along with Ms. Jesslin at the keyboard, lead the Trinity family into prayer, with the hymn, “Give me oil in my lamp”. Ms Steffi presented the thought for the day – in the words of Swami Vivekananda – “Take risks in life. If you win, you can lead; If you lose, you can guide”. The programme continued with Ms. Jayanthi articulating a speech on the importance and significance of Children’s Day. Prior to that Ms. Mayuri conducted a fun GK Quiz for the children. Later the charismatic presence of Mr. Shreyas Kotian, III year BA student of MGM college and Anchor of Udupi TV, was an added enjoyable moment.

TRADITIONAL DAY : Trinity Central School
Our country India is a land of diverse cultures and a rainbow canvas of multiple traditions. On 16th October 2019, our students of Kindergarten were dressed in their best finery of cute sarees, lehengas, kurta pyjamas and veshtis etc. The children were all a beautiful sight and the colourful attire infused into the joys of the festivities. Students were informed about the various traditions through a meaningful video usual. Students enjoyed the day as they smartly walked the ramp, flanked in their best traditional attire. Overall the students enjoyed the day.

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Motto :
The Motto of Capuchin Education Board (CEB) is: jnanenaiva vimukthi: "Indeed, Liberation is through enlightenment". As the temporal, mundane existence is characterized by the experience of bondage (samsara), ignorance (avidya) and pain (duhkha), the eminent sages and prophets have propagated means to alleviate oneself from the above negative experiences of human existence, and fill life with hope and joy. The fullness of existence is characterized by Liberation which could be attained through true knowledge, which we name it ‘an experience of enlightenment’.

Mission :
The Capuchin Education Board takes upon the responsibility of facilitating growth in human personality of pupils and make their life meaningful and hopeful. The mission of CEB is to promote fullness of life in every child through holistic formation and education towards excellence.

The Function of Capuchin Education Board:
The Capuchin Education Board functions under the supervision of Provincial Minister and his Council. The Education ministry of the Province is a teamwork of all the friars involved in the ministry. The ministry constitutes one vision, one mission, which is all round development of the person, through value based and person-oriented education which leads to transformation and excellence. While providing excellence in education the Capuchins insist on “discipline, determination and dedication”. In pursuit of quality education every student is called upon to respond through conviction and commitment so that the imparted knowledge, skills and values enable them to become good human persons and good citizens of India, socially responsible, productive, creative and innovative.


Governing Body

Rev. Fr. Alwyn Dais

Rev. Fr. Victor D’souza
Executive Secretary

Rev. Fr. Vijesh Loyed Menezes

Rev. Fr. Deepak Fernandes

Rev. Fr. Peter Cyprian D’souza

Rev. Fr. Paul Melwyn D’souza

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