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Saccidananda, Capuchin Provincialate,
Dr Rajkumar Road, P.B. No. 1060, Rajajinagar Ist Block,
Bangalore - 560 010,
Karnataka State, INDIA

Phone :

080- 23377790 / 080- 23470178

080 - 23474342

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  1. Preamble:

    1. Motto:
      The Motto of Capuchin Education Board (CEB) is: jnanenaiva vimukthi: "Indeed, Liberation is through enlightenment". As the temporal, mundane existence is characterized by the experience of bondage (samsara) ignorance (avidya) and pain (duhkha), the eminent sages and prophets have propagated means to alleviate oneself from tha above negative experiences of human existence, and fill life with hope and joy. The fullness of existence is characterised by Liberation attained through true knowledge, which is an experience of enlightenment.

    2. Mission
      The Capuchin Education Board takes upon itself the task of facilitating growth in human personality of pupils and make their life meaningful and hopeful. The mission of CEB is to promote fullness of life in every child that approach its institutions.

    3. Objectives of CEB: Universal

      1. To promote human personalities who will face the challenges of life with courage and hope.

      2. To enlighten through academic training and co-curricular activities the meaning and purpose of human existence.

      3. To empower the students to strive after meaningful life-goals with zeal and courage.

      4. To create a positive vision of life that inspires them to aspire for higher goals in life and deeper awareness of the Divine.

      5. To inculcate perspectives which strengthen interrelationships and enhance respect and reverence to all fellow citizens..

      6. To create a 'world-view' that embraces all cultures and belief structures without losing one's own self identity.

      7. To help students to discover and discern the possibilities of social engagements with humanitarian perspectives.

      8. To inculcate in them the Gospel values of universal love, kindness, forgiveness and peace.

      9. To train them to respect nature and environment so that they grow with right ecological perspectives.

    4. Objectives of CEB: Particular

      1. To conduct, organise and streamline the Education Ministry in the Holy Trinity Capuchin Province of Karnataka India. (HTCPKI)

      2. To provide a forum to Friars involved in the ministry to share their aspirations, goals, plans, projects, difficulties, problems and concerns.

      3. To submit progress reports and evaluate now and then the functioning of the educational institutions.

      4. To create a tradition of effective administration of the educational institutions so that the movements/transfers of friars involved in the ministry is made easier and lighter without adverse effects on the running of the Institutions.

      5. To formulate norms, statutes and regulations in order to guarantee continuity and efficiency to the ministry.

      6. To report to the provincial Definitory as a body the progress made, problems faced, and difficulties encountered in the running of the institutions.

  2. The Function of Capuchin Education Board
    The Capuchin Education Board functions under the supervision of Provincial Minister and his Definitory. The Education ministry of the Province is teamwork of all the friars involved in the ministry. The ministry constitutes one single unit with one goal, one ideal and one system of organisation that goes to make one single tradition.

  3. The Organisation of CEB

    1. The CEB is a unit of Capuchin Friars Service Society (CFSS) which is registered under Karnataka Societies Registration Act 1960 (Reg. No 9/73-74 dated 12 April 1973) . The Governing Body of the CFSS is the Governing Body of all the Schools which is the highest decision making authority of the educational Institutions of the Holy Trinity Capuchin Province of Karnataka, India (HTCPKI).

    2. The Provincial Minister of HTCPKI will be ex-officio the President of the Society and also the Chairperson of the CEB. The Definitors of HTCPKI will be members of the Governing Body of CFSS.

    3. The Secretary of the CFSS will be the Executive Secretary (ES) of the CEB.

    4. The CEB shall meet at least twice in a year. The date of next meeting will be fixed by the previous meeting. The President of CEB will preside over the meeting. The Secretary will prepare the agenda in consultation with the President and communicate to the members at least a fortnight in advance. He will also record the minutes.

    5. The Definitory Meeting itself will be considered as the Governing Body meeting of the CFSS. The Decisions concerning Education will be considered as CFSS Governing Body resolutions and recorded as such.

    6. All CEB members can apply for the membership of CFSS. The General Body meeting of the CFSS in the month of October every year will be integrated with the CEB meeting.

    7. The Governing Body of CFSS will decide which Society/Trust of the province should own the assets of a particular School. The School shall pay the rent to that society/trust determined by the General Body.


Governing Body

Rev. Fr. John Alwyn Dias President

Fr. Robin Victor D'souza
Vice President &
Executive Secretary

Fr. Maxim D'silva

Fr. Vijesh Loyed Menezes Treasurer

Fr. Vijay Kumar

Fr. Elvin Lopez

Fr. Roshan Rosario

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